Kek Lok Si Temple Private Tour

Kek Lok Si

Kek Lok Si Temple is identified as the largest and finest Buddhist temple site in Malaysia, situated on a hill slope in the vibrant township of Air Itam. It is a historical significant site dating from 1880s. Construction began soon after with its first temple hall completed in 1891. Until today, construction is still continuing to enhance the visitor’s experience to the temple site.

Prior to the improvements to access the main temple halls from a street level, visitors have to climb a number of steps up a concrete slope sheltered by tin roofs with souvenir vendors setup on both sides of the passageway. It is unbearably hot and stuffy in the daytime, at the same time exhilarating and rewarding once you reached the first attraction, which was the turtle pond. This has now changed with a new and bigger turtle pond at street level with ample parking space for visitors.

Kek Lok Si Temple Private Tour
Kek Lok Si Temple – Turtle Pond

There is a funicular track at the base to take visitors to the middle and top stations – ideal for visitors who have some mobility issue to climb steps. Alternatively visitors could drive their cars further up where there is more parking spaces at the middle and top section of the temple site.

Make Penang your next travel and holiday destination. Do not miss the Kek Lok Si Temple when you are here. You could book a private tour with a local travel host to learn more on the heritage and cultural values of this magnificent Buddhist temple in Penang.

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