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Dhammikarama Burmese Temple

One of the most beautiful and peaceful Buddhist temple in Penang. Inside the vast temple ground is an oasis of carefully manicured gardens, water features and fish ponds with mythical statues, guilded gold stupas, an ancient well and Buddha images.

Dhammikarama is a Burmese temple and the oldest Buddhist temple in Penang. Built in 1803, the land was purchased by Nonya Betong for $390 spanish dollar from George Layton, and donated to the temple.

Established as a retreat for Buddhist novices, the temple ground serves as a functioning monastery with monks’ quarters, dining hall, library, preceptee’s lodge and lecture hall.

The temple has a main shrine hall, a Sima Hall and the 4-storeys golden pagoda bell tower. The later was built in 2011 housing ancient buddhist shrines from 22 countries.

Dhammikarama temple is listed as a historical and cultural site of Penang. The stupas are Burmese architectural styles with artisans brought in from Myanmar specifically for the construction of the structures. 


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