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Restaurant review – Pigeon Hole

Our weekend trip in Hobart ended at a tiny cafe located in West Hobart called “Pigeon Hole”. A must-eat destination for anyone who is interested in farm’s fresh local produce to plate experience.

The cafe’s natural rustic look of timber works in different shades of brown and charcoal black dangling light shades and blackboard wall with a multitude of vibrant colours sitting on little pigeon holes of shelves reflects the natural warmth and beauty of Tasmania country charm. 

The place was packed as we got there slightly after 11 am on a Sunday. We managed to share a long table tucked at the back with a family of four – a lovely couple with 2 beautiful young kids, who had just finished their breakfast. The husband/father was very chatty and told us they come here quite regularly and love the food. They left before our food arrives and the father asked both his kids to give us a hug! So polite and well mannered. Only in Tasmania will a stranger talk to you like an old friend. I am in love with this beautiful place all over again.

Both my partner and I decided to order from the lunch menu, which starts at 11:30 am. We didn’t mind the wait for a bigger meal before returning to Melbourne later in the afternoon.

The first dish we ordered was Tasmanian seared scallops with ’nduja, smoked paprika, shaved fennel and toast. It was utterly delicious with the smokiness and saltiness of ’nduja and paprika. A great combination of flavours. Scallops were perfectly seared, soft and tender, and the thickly sliced toast was an absolute spongy delight with flavours and toasted smokiness. It was a perfect 10 out of 10 dish. 

The second dish we ordered was the pork and fennel sausage with braised padrons and onions on soft polenta. Another excellent dish. A heartwarming country comfort food with generous portions of 3 succulent-licious (if there is such a word) sausages floating on top of melting polenta amid a robustness of flavours ranging from sourness, sweetness and mildly spiciness from the braised patrons merrily dancing in my mouth. The garnish of fresh basil leaves added a bit of colour. I am a big fan of this herb for its sweet aniseed smell and slightly pungent peppery taste. Imagine the look on my face stretching my lips as wide as it could in a wondrous happy smile eating this dish packed with different flavours and textures. 

Pigeon Hole is open only for breakfast and lunch. If you are visiting Hobart and looking for something local with a country charm, this is the place to go.

Address: 93 Goulburn Street, West Hobart, Tasmania 7000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 6236 9306

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