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Restaurant review – Still Thai

An interesting and catchy name for this Thai place. It was previously called the “Ivory Cafe”. After a full renovation, it was reopened a few months ago as “Still Thai”, which made sense as it is “still” a Thai place. Same owners and same hospitality.

My partner and I love this little cosy and friendly place. The last time we were here, it was still the Ivory cafe. It was back in 2011. Nine years on, this young family-owned Thai business is still here with twice the seating capacity and an added level after a renovation.

After 9-years of absence. we chose to eat one night at the now “Still Thai” on our weekend getaway in Hobart. The young owners haven’t aged a bit except they have a baby girl now.

We ordered the massaman beef curry and stir-fried pork with chilli and ginger sauce and 4 pieces of chicken curry puffs as a starter. The puff was light and puffy, non-greasy and soft with a delicate mild flavour. The puff pastry was perfect. A great start. Next came the two mains. Massaman was then our favourite at “Ivory Cafe” and now at “Still Thai”. Yes, still the same as we remember. The curry was thick and rich, well balanced with the different spices. The beef was tender, not dried (which could be if a wrong cut of beef is used) and well seasoned with all rounded spices. As for the stir-fried pork, the meat was tender and soft and tasty with a delicate mixture of spiciness and tanginess from fresh ginger. Although we did find this dish a bit too salty.

Overall, it was an enjoyable, homestyle Thai meal in a relax and friendly place for casual dining.

Location: 112, Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000, Australia

Phone: +61 3 6231 6808

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