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Weekend getaway Hobart, Tasmania

From time to time, we get an email from the airlines announcing their special cheap fares. Most of the cheap fares are not that great and most of them have a restriction on dates and times of travel.

A point in case is our recent trip to Hobart, Tasmania for a weekend getaway. The offer came from a Jetstar’s email. However, on searching for the flights, the flight time for the special fare was either too early in the morning or too late at night.

Nevertheless, I had a look at the other airlines’ fares, which we do, to compare the prices. Lucky enough Tiger Air had their promotion fares with better flight times and cheaper fare costing $197.99 AUD Melbourne to Hobart returned for two of us. It is a short 1 hour and 20 minutes of flight time. We didn’t purchase any baggage allowance and travelled light with a 7 kg hand-carry bag each. Both flights were good – friendly staff, comfortable seats, easy online check-in with e-wallet barcode boarding pass saved onto our phones and both flights were on schedule.

The next step after purchasing our airfares online was to look for accommodation. We decided to rent a self-contained Airbnb unit. It works out better than staying in a hotel for a similar price range. It costs us $245.51 AUD for 2 nights over the weekend. We were happy with our choice, perched on a higher ground overlooking the Kingston beach and local streets. The unit was lovely and immaculate, well furnished, clean, quiet and private with an amazing view.

To get to our accommodation, we had to rent a car from the airport. After comparing prices between all the car rental companies (at the airport), type of cars and read the reviews, I booked our car with “Apex Car Rentals“. We couldn’t be happier. It was a great experience from start to finish hiring from them. Simple online booking. Friendly staff. Fast pick-up and drop-off and hassle-free. Good value for money costing $104.24 AUD for 2 days for a 5-months old automatic hatch Hyundai i30. The car handles and responds well on the road. Fuel efficient, smooth and comfortable. We used almost half the fuel tank, refuelled at a cost of $35 AUD before returning the car back at the airport.

It was a great weekend. We caught up with some friends but not everyone we know due to our short stay. We travelled down our memory lane when we used to live there for almost 8 years on roads that we used to drive, visited our old place at Huon Valley and Randalls Bay where we sprinkled the ashes of our wee Scottie gal “Bonnie”, browsed the stalls at Salamanca Market, ate at the fabulous “Pigeon Hole” and “Still Thai” and revisited our favourite country town “Richmond” on the way back to the airport.

In total, we spent $582.74 AUD on transport and accommodation, excluding food. That to me was a good weekend getaway but we were probably lucky as it would normally cost more to holiday in Tasmania.

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