Penang chicken rice

When it comes to food in Penang, locals like myself will still ask, “what do we want to eat” and “where” among friends and families. It’s because we’ve too many choices. It’s like which char koay teow, koay teow teng, hokkien mee, curry mee, asam laksa…and the list goes on. 

And, when it comes to rice as the main choice of local food, we have the choices of chicken rice, duck rice, economy rice, nasi kandar, nasi melayu, nasi lemak, nasi tomato, bak kut teh…and more. So don’t be surprised as we locals love our food and food is the main topic on our mind all the time!

But rarely, chicken rice is featured high on the list of food discussion. This humble and yet ubiquitous chicken rice is commonly found at foodcourts and “kopitiams” almost everywhere in George Town and in the suburbs. Some places only specialised in chicken rice and will only sell this at the shop with a typical combination of roast meats – roast chicken “seow kay”, bbq pork “char siew” and crispy skin roast pork “seow bak”, and some offer roast duck “seow ark” or poached chicken “pek cham kay” . Each stalls has their own signature style but finding the best chicken stall is trickier than you think. It is either hit or miss and the price ranges depending on where you eat. 

To get the best experience and knowing where and what to eat is to be guided by a local. It is the same everywhere when we are on vacation in a new place. 

Visit to select either a morning or evening food safari personal guided tour.

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