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Penang is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, internationally renowned for its diverse culture, historical background, thriving arts scene and of course its sensational and affordable street food. But this is not all, the capital city of Penang – George Town – was UNESCO world heritage listed in 2008 and since that time has seen many of its distinctive colonial buildings and pre-war shop houses restored to their former glory. Many hours may be spent wandering through historic George Town’s intertwined web of narrow streets and laneways visiting local temples, mansions and simply taking in the local street life .

At Penang Insights, we offer a private host service for visitors to Penang who prefer a highly personalised experience with the option to create your own tailored itinerary. We only accept one client per day (with a maximum of three in your party) which means you are assured of our dedicated attention and commitment ensuring that your day of sightseeing is an enjoyable and memorable one. Please note that Penang Insights is not a share tour picking up other groups of visitors from multiple hotels. You will be our exclusive guest for the day and we shall collect you from your hotel and drop you back at the conclusion of your tour. At Penang Insights, you will have your own local host in an air-conditioned car. You will be looked after as our guest of Penang.

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Your local host – Victor Khoo – is Penang born and grew up in George Town. As a seasoned traveller, an avid photographer, a passionate ex-chef/owner of Melaka to places such as America, UK, Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, China, South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, New Zealand and Australia, Victor believes the best travel experience is when he immerses himself into the culture, food, history and landmarks of each destination and to learn the local customs. As your local host, Victor is intimately familiar with Penang’s customs, food and culture and will share unique insights into Penang’s rich and diverse culture as well as the historical significance of key landmarks.  You will visit ornate religious temples, sample local food, learn to make homestyle dishes and learn about the local way of life in this Pearl of the Orient – Penang Island.

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Please note: For your safety, your local host is professionally certified in basic CPR and First Aid.