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Eat like a local

It is not a surprise when we go on vacation, we want to know where to eat and what to eat.

If you want the best travel experience on your vacation, you have to seek out where the locals eat, not where all the tourists go and experience the diversity of Penang culinary food scene from market food to street food to proper sit-down meals at one of the many casual or formal local restaurants.

At Penang Insights, your host – Victor Khoo – takes you on your own private and unforgettable food safari trail known only to locals. We will travel beyond the UNESCO site of George Town in our air-conditioned compact city car to places where only locals go to eat. You will experience some of the most well-known street foods at 3 different places. You will get to see and experience Penang beyond the main tourist attractions.

Daytime food safari

Penang Insights

Nighttime food safari

Penang Insights
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